Reviews of Book


"Well done - a terrific read!" - Mark Birdsall, Editor, Eye Spy International Magazine, Issue 122

"Intriguing. We'll include coverage in our Magazine" - Ed Zapletal. Editor, History Magazine.


"Brilliant!" - Agha A , Centre for Study of Intelligence Operations and Editor Journal of Book Reviews, Afghanistan 

"The Pulitzer. What a tour de force! I have always appreciated Don's wanting to get to the bottom of things. This book, the result of decades doing just that is a testament to perseverance; and for this we should be thankful. Many have condemned this important part of our history to the dustbin. This book wonders why. Great read." - Chris Marriott, Ottawa Ontario Reader

"I love the story, the historical background. It is a very interesting book. " - Bruce Graham, Author, ATV Broadcaster (Retired)

"Read your yarn and enjoyed it. You have  combined historic facts with fiction very nicely."

- Garry D. Shutlak, Nova Scotia Archives

"Great tale interwoven with historical facts. Terrific read! 5 Star." - C. Borden Chapman, Halifax Nova Scotia Reader.

"Kane’s novel … reads like a detective’s report from an alternate past – or possibly from a past we really have never understood. The book rests on a huge amount of careful research in libraries and archives as well as a range of interviews… It’s a remarkable achievement, evoking a shadowy web of secrecy and violence which had a powerful impact on the whole violent century that followed." - Silver Donald Cameron, Author/Activist

"Don Kane brings together a complex chess match, needs, and ambitions while blending historical fact into this compelling tale. What "could have been" has been folded with deep research to form a great summer's read. Connecting the dots was never this entertaining."

- Peter Macpherson, CISO rSolutions Corporation

“An intriguing approach to a historic event, and quite credible...nicely incorporated true events that could be interpreted as evidence that the Halifax Explosion was the successful result of enemy action. The use of historical documents to build this premise is brilliant."

- Patrick Farmer, Technical Engineer St. Mary's University

"[Don Kane’s] scholarly rigor and breadth are extraordinary throughout and offer the perspectives of Canadian and British authorities, often expressed through various official memorandums.” - Kirkus Review

"Kane's long researched exploration of German espionage activities and their involvement in the catastrophic Halifax Explosion of 1917 makes for fascinating reading."  - Paul Ledoux, Canadian International Play Write

“I was grabbed immediately by the fast pace and the Kaiser's evil vision right away. The dialogue rings true for the period. I appreciate that the world and regional political landscape described via conversation referencing people and events, much like Gore Vidal does in this American history series of novels, rather than long dry preambles most often employed.” - Jim Robins, The Varanda Network.

"[The book’s] balance between history, fiction, and well-informed conjecture is strong." - Foreword Review

"Wow! Congratulations on taking it all the way. The cover looks great!  So proud of you for this major achievement. I know how it has dominated your psyche for much of your life." 

- Tiiu Poder - Business Owner - Aphrodite and Fashion

Distributed to the trade by The Ingram Book Company

Distributed to the trade by The Ingram Book Company